wheel pose

Teaching Challenging Yoga Poses

Challenging postures should not only be cued but also performed by the instructor in clear view. Move to where students have the best angle to see you in the room. There may not necessarily be a ‘demo’ where the instructor pauses class to have a session on the pose however it would benefit the students if you mirror them and join them in the same effort. General cues will help students get into it; say these while forming yourself into the posture. Remember to do the pose on the opposite side as the class if you are mirroring the students by facing them.

What is Corpse Pose (Savasana)?

“Exhale corpse pose savasana …” Here marks near the end of a yoga class where the lights are dimmed the lowest setting. You may hear wordless ambient music, the release of breath from your neighbor, the sounds of the instructor’s hands rubbing together, or the wisp of a towel being fanned through the room. So, is it a nap?